Carbon Removal Portfolio

What's in the Portfolio?

A ready-made, hand-curated, science-backed portfolio of carbon removal solutions, that will evolve as new high quality options become available. It's a mix of solutions that work in the way we need to make a dent in the Climate Crisis and reach Net Zero.

Removing carbon is more expensive than buying a low cost avoidance credit. This is because those lower quality credits only say someone else avoided emitting greenhouse gases while you still did! Often they don't reduce or remove emissions at all. They're not up to the job.

By blending together a range of high quality carbon removal our Portfolio Fund-1 benchmarks a price of $150 per tonne (a metric ton) of greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere. That's the price recommended by numerous respected organisations and it gives us a good range of options to invest in true carbon removal to support growing this crucial new industry.

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Carbon Removal for All

Carbon removal solutions all cost different amounts, ranging from about $15 per tonne up to about $1000 per tonne. We've mixed them together to give an average price of $150 per tonne to make it accessible. We also use the most permanent removal options as possible. Read more about our custom methodology on what is (& isn't) included in our portfolios.

No one single carbon removal type is likely to be at the 5 to 10 gigatonne per year level we need to have by 2050. The truth is we're going to need all of these solutions to draw down emissions from the atmosphere and reduce the effects of climate change. A portfolio approach means we can invest and grow each category at the same time.

We're aiming for over 85% to go directly to the projects, after applicable taxes are paid (if any are due). We'll retain up to 10% to invest in more things like this and other hopeful climate projects. The remaining 5% is payment provider fees. 

How do we compare carbon removal projects?

We do deep research, evaluations, reviews and tracking of the projects in our portfolio and share that with you, so you can build trust that what you're contributing to actually delivers the carbon removal you want. For more on our methodology check out this overview article.   

Carbon Removal Portfolio Criteria #1


Each type locks away emissions for a different amount of time. We look for verified projects that have as long as possible permanence. It varies from about 100 to tens of thousands of years. 

Carbon Removal Portfolio Criteria #2


Does the project remove emissions from the atmosphere - and lock them away - than would have been if no action had been taken? We look for the highest levels of extra carbon removal.

Carbon Removal Portfolio Criteria #3


We love projects that have more benefits in tackling climate change and ecological breakdown than just removing or reducing emissions. We look for projects that also regenerate nature. 

Carbon Removal Portfolio Criteria #4


The year that the carbon will be removed. Ideally the sooner the better. We'll say what the vintage is, as it will vary by the project type - from this year to a few years down the line.

πŸ’š Check out the projects we love πŸ’š

I'm ready. How do I get started?

Great to hear! We're delighted you're with us. We've set-up two options for you to get started removing your carbon emissions. Whether you're dipping your toe or draining your proverbial carbon ocean, there's an option here for you.

Regular Carbon Removal

Ready to remove some or all of your carbon emissions? Amazing! You're in the right place. Subscribe to a regular contribution to live your best climate life. Simply select the amount you'd like to pull out of the atmosphere and we'll make it happen (well, our incredible partners will!). 

One-time Carbon Removal

Bought a new thing or some more stuff? Taken an unexpected flight? You can remove individual purchases with our one-time carbon removal option. Just select the amount or item you'd like to remove and the carbon's gone (of course, it's a bit more complicated than that!).

🏒 I run a company, can we join too? Yes! 🏒

Our Carbon Removal Partners

Learn more by clicking on a partner to discover how the solution works and their company's progress. 

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    Karen E πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
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    Andrea πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ
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How much should I remove?

That depends. It's up to you. We've bundled some options so you can make your own decisions. Some people choose to buy carbon removal for specific purchases they've made, and others prefer to subscribe to remove their entire climate impact. 

Whichever you choose is right for you is good by us, it's all progress.

😳 How much does a typical person emit per year in my country? 😳

πŸ€” How much carbon is in my everyday stuff? πŸ€” 

πŸ“‰ What's more important: reducing or removing carbon emissions? πŸ“‰ 

Carbon Removal Subscription | Zopeful Climate

Carbon Removal Subscription

Whether you’re in the market for the latest tech gadget, a wardrobe makeover or booking a much-needed holiday, there is planet-heating carbon hidden in everything we buy, consume and do.

No-one asked for it to be there, but there it definitely is!

This year, we encourage everyone to be more intentional in the things they choose to purchase and to join us as we put our money towards high-quality, science-backed, carbon removal projects.

What about carbon in my stuff?

There's hidden carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in everything we use, do or buy in the modern world. We didn't choose for them to be they, but they definitely are and you can do something about them!

πŸ›« Remove your flight and driving carbon emissions πŸš—

πŸ“± Remove your tech and electronics carbon emissions πŸ“Ί

πŸ‘š Remove your clothes and food emissions πŸ”

♻️ Subscribe to remove carbon every month ♻️

Not ready to join the portfolio? That’s ok. Learn more about it on our free 3-day course!

Every tonne matters

Our ready-made, curated, portfolio of high quality carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions is live. It aims for the highest permanence-for-the-$-per-tonne that we can find.

We're excited to be working with an inspiring group of global CDR companies taking the fight to the Climate Crisis. They're doing amazing work that holds a tonne - pun intended - of promise.

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