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Our free 14-day email course that compacts everything you need to know into 5-10 minute easy-to-read bursts.

It's the shortcut we wish we'd had when we started exploring The Climate Crisis and connecting the dots with hope and action. 

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We believe the best way to build a carbon free world is together. You can make an impact!

Jumpstart Your Climate Knowledge

We've designed this email course to give you an overview of the current state of The Climate Crisis, how it works in our day-to-day lives and what we can all do next. All things explained.

It's breaks down a lot of dense science stuff into more absorbable and digestible 5-10 minute daily bursts.

There's 14 installments in total, one email per day.

At the end you'll be officially Zopeful Climate Certified.

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What's in the box?

We’ve crammed all the things we wished we knew earlier about The Climate Crisis into three digestible and action-oriented chunks. It's all in here for you, all the questions you want to have answers to. 

Part 1

Climate Science for All

Here’s where you get the lay of the proverbial land. What’s the current state of the Climate Crisis, how’d we get here, and how are we - as a society - working our way out together.

Part 2

Carbon in our Stuff

This is all about the emissions in our everyday lives, the hidden costs of our own lifestyles. How transforming some of our choices is within reach and easier than we imagine.

Part 3

WTF can I do?

This one is a bit of speculation on our Zopeful future. What are some of the impactful ways our governments, companies, and we as individuals can come together to make a real difference.

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What will I learn?

A lot! We've packed in loads of detail into bitesized emails! It also includes our custom Climate Dictionary of terms and buzzwords explained in normal language. 

Part 1 - Climate Science For All

Seven installments covering:

Introduction + Onboarding
How Did We Get Here + Where Are We Now
The Climate Crisis vs Environmentalism
The Role Of Governments + Companies
Measuring + Offsetting + Reducing + Removing

Part 2 - Carbon In Our Stuff

Four installments covering:

Emissions Transparency
Developed And Developing Economies
Life Cycle Assessments
Carbon In Our Everyday Stuff
Energy, Food, Clothes, Transport, Tech + Others

Part 3 - WTF Can I Do?

Four installments covering:

Infinite Growth Machine + The New Green Rush

Behaviors, Offsetting vs Removal + ESG

Roadmap To A Possible Future

Wrap up + Zopeful Certification

More Stuff Included

As part of this free email course we've also made some additional resources to help you live your best climate life.

Climate Buzzword Dictionary

All the sciencey terminology explained in normal language (as best we know how!) and in one place.

Personal Carbon Roadmap

A simple Notion tool for you to build your own plan in a time frame that works for you. Have hope, make progress!

More Sources + Resources

This course is based on over 100 sources, you can continue learning about The Climate Crisis by digging into them.

50 countries and counting!

Are you ready to understand the science and see how we can all make a difference?

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