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Buy a one-time lump of high quality carbon removal from a range of solution types. We've made it easy to buy individual tonnes of durable carbon removal one tonne at a time (or multiples, if you'd prefer). The solutions all aim for permanent and highly additional removal for 500 years or more.

Whether you're looking to compensate for your emissions or just support this important new industry to grow, you can!

We'll update you on all the projects your contribution has supported and the amount of carbon removed. Full transparency and traceability for every cent.

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Buy durable carbon removal by the tonne

Permanently Remove CO2

Direct Air Capture + Storage

for $600 USD Per tonne

Direct Air Capture + Storage (DAC+S) sieves carbon dioxide from the air and pumps it underground. This permanently and safely stores it for millennia, so it can't contribute to the continued heating of our planet. 

Permanently Remove CO2

Enhanced Rock Weathering

for $295 USD Per tonne

Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) speeds up naturally occurring weathering cycles to sequester and store carbon in rocks for 100,000+ years, so it can't contribute to the heating up of the atmosphere that's causing climate change.

Permanently Remove CO2

Biochar Removal

for $240 USD Per tonne

Biochar (BCR) takes waste plant-based feedstocks which would have decomposed and released carbon back into the atmosphere, stabilizes it with a process called pyrolysis. This stores the carbon for hundreds to thousands of years.

Permanently Remove CO2

Bio-oil Removal + Storage

for $POA USD Per tonne

Bio-oil made from waste biomass permanently sequesters and safely stores carbon dioxide deep underground for millennia. Making the bio-oil stabilizes the carbon so it can't be released back into the atmosphere.

Remove CO2

Ocean-based Removal

for $POA USD Per tonne

Oceans are a natural carbon emissions sink and have huge additional removal potential. Oceanic carbon removal solutions are a mix of nature-based and tech-enabled approaches including biomass sinking and Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement.

How do we remove carbon?

Our partners are leading the charge to pull down and safely store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years and beyond.  

Enhanced Rock Weathering

Putting boosters on the natural weathering cycle of basalt

Direct Air Capture & Storage

Taking CO2 directly out of the air and mineralizing deep underground

Biochar & Biomass Removal

Stablizing plant waste to lock the carbon away for hundreds of years

Oceans & Coastal

Using the ocean carbon sink to store more planet-heating emissions

Bio-oil & Storage

Turning waste biomass into a high carbon and low energy liquid


Supporting and developing land-based natural carbon sinks

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Bought a new thing or some more stuff? Taken an unexpected flight? You can remove individual purchases with our one-time carbon removal option.

Company Carbon Removal

Looking to add CDR to your organizations' sustainability or net zero program? Perfect, we can help with custom volumes to suit your budget. Get in touch. 

Buy Carbon Removal by the Tonne

Add different types of carbon removal to your net zero program from our curated portfolio of high-quality CDR partners. Available per tonne per solution.

Need something made-to-measure?

We've got you covered. Drop us a note and we'll get you all set up easily.

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    Karen E πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
  • Really enjoying the Carbon Removal email course! On top of improving my understanding of that particular topic, I’ve found that the way that it is structured also offers a good lens to think about other topics.

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    Chantal πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­
  • If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed and hopeless about the climate crisis, you're not alone. But here's something that can help! A realistic but hopeful picture of what we need to do.

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    Tom πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  • The Climate Crisis doesn't have to be a horror movie. It can become a story about hope, opportunity, personal choice, and collective effort. Nobody has to be perfect, but we all have to do something!

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    Enrico πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ
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Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions! We want you to feel 100% comfortable and excited about joining our carbon removal portfolio. It's something we wished existed but couldn't find, so we made one!

What am I buying?

Different types of carbon removal, buy the solution type (i.e. DAC+S etc), from our partners. We select the providers to reach the target $/tonne. Here's more info. When you join we'll send you an email detailing all the different things in there. If you're interested in going deeper join our free 3-day course all about it.   

Can I pay with a currency other than Euros, USD and Pounds?

Pricing for this offer is in Euros, USD and Pounds.

You can pay securely with most international debit and credit cards, even if your account is in a different currency to Euros, USD or GBP. Your bank will make the conversion from your currency (they may charge you a small fee for doing this).

You can also subscribe monthly to our carbon removal portfolio in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD and AUD.

What's the refunds policy?

We want you to want to be a part of this. We offer a no-questions asked 7-day "cooling off" refund policy when you first purchase. After that you can get a full refund of your most recent payment for 7-days after payment.

How do I know the carbon has been removed?

We'll publish a ledger of all the CDR purchases the we make and when they'll be verified as having removed the carbon. Every cent will be accounted for and we'll show you the evidence.

As this is a new and growing industry the carbon may be removed at a future date, or for some solutions the removal may happen over time. Typically we only include removals that will occur within the next few years. We'll share this information with you for every tonne you buy.

We'll also show you our research and how we made the decisions of what does (& doesn't) get included. Full transparency, backed by science. 

How much goes to the removal projects?

As much as possible. This varies by solution type and we will continue to try to optimize the amount that goes directly to our carbon removal partners. Typically we're aiming for between 85-95% going to them.

As a minimum it'll be 85% of your contribution. Of the remaining 15%: 5% is payment processing fees, 5% is for third party fees (if applicable), and 5% is so we can keep making more stuff like this. 

It's all factored in to the single price you pay, so fees don't reduce the tonnes of carbon removal that's actually happening. 

We'll keep this under review and if it's possible to increase the amount going to CDR projects we will.

How much should I remove?

That depends. It's up to you. We've bundled some options and provided the background so you can make your own decisions. Some choose to buy carbon removal for specific purchases, and others prefer to subscribe to remove their entire climate impact. 

Whichever you choose is right for you is good by us, it's all progress.

😳 How much does a typical person emit per year in my country? 😳

πŸ€” How much carbon is in my everyday stuff? πŸ€” 

πŸ’š Check out the carbon removal projects we love πŸ’š

What about carbon in my stuff?

There's hidden carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in everything we use, do or buy in the modern world. We didn't choose for them to be they, but they definitely are and you can do something about them!

πŸ›« Remove your flight and driving carbon emissions πŸš—

πŸ‘š Remove your clothes and food emissions πŸ”

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Our Carbon Removal Partners

Learn more by clicking on a partner to discover how the solution works and their company's progress. 

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