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What's in the box?

The full report is nearly 4000 pages long and draws on 14,000 scientific studies. It's huge! We're using the 40 page summary to bring you four digestible emails about what it says and means. Don't worry, despite the punchy title there will be loads of hope sprinkled in!

Email 1

Current State of the Climate

Using the latest science in the report, this will break down the "unequivocal evidence" of the impact of human activity on our climate, and what we're already seeing.  

Email 2

Possible Climate Futures

Two installments all about the different scenarios explored in the report, that go into detail about the possible outcomes depending upon how fast we reduce GHGs in the atmosphere.

Email 3

Limiting Future Climate Change

This one will draw on the report's science basis looking at limiting human-induced global warming to a specific level through managing down our carbon and equivalent emissions.

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