Carbon Removal Projects

What's in our Carbon Removal Portfolio?

Carbon removal will increasingly be an important tool to help us decarbonize the world and reach net zero. It needs investment now to be ready when we most need it. Investing in carbon removal now not only helps get the cost down in the future, it also in will start removing emissions from now, which helps buy us more time to reduce our emissions. It's a clear win-win.

The carbon removal industry is just getting warmed up. It's only over the last few years we've seen increasing focus on ways to take carbon emissions out of the atmosphere, and lock them away so they don't contribute to climate change by trapping heat.

Our fund contains a mix of solutions, all with verifiable carbon removal credentials. We believe we need to grow each of them - combined with large emissions reductions - to help us tackle climate change and reach a net zero world.

Zopeful Carbon Removal Fund Portfolio

Carbon Removal Projects

Combined with continued (and increasing) reductions in emissions across everything we humans do, it's important to grow each category of removal solution. This'll give us as many tools as possible to limit climate change. Here's some of the projects we love!

Nature-based Removal

Natural carbon sinks - forests and oceans - have absorbed about 50% of human emissions so far. They're a hugely valuable asset in fighting The Climate Crisis and investing in them is great for carbon removal when combined with emissions reduction and other types of removal.

Examples: Reforestation, Afforestation, Regenerative Agriculture, preserving old growth forests
Permanence: temporary up to about 100 years
Cost per tonne: between US $25 to $65

Tech-enabled, Nature-based

Natural processes that get a little help with some kind of tech to enhance or speed them up. There's a range of emerging projects in this area we're excited about. They offer great levels of permanence for a reasonable cost.

Examples: Biochar, Enhanced Weathering, Ocean sequestration + storage

Permanence: from about 500 to thousands of years

Cost per tonne: between US $150 to $300

Full Tech Removal + Storage

New or growing solutions. Something that is all technology and that wouldn't happen naturally.

Examples: Bio Oil and Direct Air Capture (with geological storage)

Permanence: pretty darn permanent, up to tens of thousands of years

Cost per tonne: punchy, between US $500 to $2000

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How do we compare carbon removal projects?

Carbon Removal Fund Criteria #1


Each type locks away emissions for a different amount of time. We look for verified projects that have as long as possible permanence. It varies from about 100 to tens of thousands of years. 

Carbon Removal Fund Criteria #2


Does the project remove emissions from the atmosphere - and lock them away - than would have been if no action had been taken? We look for the highest levels of extra carbon removal.

Carbon Removal Fund Criteria #3


We love projects that have more benefits in tackling climate change and ecological breakdown than just removing or reducing emissions. We look for projects that also regenerate nature. 

Carbon Removal Fund Criteria #4


The year that the carbon will be removed. Ideally the sooner the better. We'll say what the vintage is, as it will vary by the project type - from this year to a few years down the line.

Our Carbon Removal Partners

Learn more by clicking on a partner to discover how the solution works and their company's progress. 

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How much should I remove?

That depends. It's up to you. We've bundled some options so you can make your own decisions. Some people choose to buy carbon removal for specific purchases they've made, and others prefer to subscribe to remove their entire climate impact. 

Whichever you choose is right for you is good by us, it's all progress.

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