Thank you for an Inspiring and Hopeful 2023

Hope you're gearing up for some serious downtime.

What a year it's been for all things Zopeful. Among the many things we're proud of, we've been humbled to:

🌎 Welcome inspiring humans onto our climate courses from 65 countries across all continents (bringing the total to over 80 countries... so far)

πŸ₯° Have a team of 20 passionate, curious and incredibly capable people join our mission in North America and Europe

🀝 Partner with 8 incredible, world-leading, carbon removal project developers

πŸ€‘ Start buying permanent carbon removal to lock planet-heating emissions away, as well as support the growth of this crucial industry

πŸ’Ό Have companies in Europe and North America join our ready-made Carbon Removal Portfolio-1, alongside awesome individuals

πŸŽ™οΈ Attend a bunch of inspiring climate conferences, roundtables and podcasts to talk about the science-backed paths forward + that Zopeful is all about how we get there

πŸ₯³ Meet and talk to so many curious, interested or active climate people and companies wanting to create their best climate lives

A HUGE thank you, from us all for being an important part of what we're doing. We couldn't do this without you. 

A little note about COP28

We're definitely not here to add to the noise on this. It's always good to see progress and bringing that many people, with such a wide spectrum of worldviews, together to agree anything is pretty incredible.

As UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, said at the beginning of the conference, the north star was "phasing out" fossil fuels, and we still fell short of that. That would have been a landmark moment for sure...

The language that (eventually) made it in the agreement, about "transitioning away from fossil fuels," was in no way as definitive. This said, there feels like momentum towards it this time, so maybe next year! (we say again this year) 🀞

In no way does what happened (or didn't) at this year's COP change the science or what we need to continue to do at an increasing pace.

We go forward. 

Green is the new black

This holiday season and new year we encourage everyone to be more intentional in the things they choose to purchase.

While it’s not our fault that there are embodied emissions in everything, we can do something about it.

Find out how you can too, here.  

A teaser of what's coming in 2024

We want to do a lot more and to continue to expand both our ambition and the ways of making science-backed decisions easier, more default, for an ever wider community of people and organizations.

It's a pleasure to say that we're deep into working on more decarbonization resources, tools and collaborations, as well as new ways to show you the impact our combined carbon removal is having.

We're also very excited to have started to evaluate our next batch of carbon removal partners, so if you have favorite projects you'd like us to include in this research and review phase hit "reply" and let us know.

There's grand plans afoot for 2024, looking forward to seeing you then.

Next year we will do more, together.

Before then, it's time to take some calm moments, collect ourselves and be together.

It's not sustainable to run all the time, sometimes we all need to slow down and pace ourselves for the long game. That's part of how we win.

Wishing you a fun and restorative break πŸ’š

Team Zopeful 

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