Ready made portfolio of carbon removal solutions

CDR (aka carbon dioxide removal*) is for everyone!

We've (finally!) launched a Carbon Removal Fund that anyone can join. We originally said we were going to do this back in February but it took a little while longer to bring everything together. It's all there now! We're very happy with the mix and thinking behind Fund-1 (& it can only get better).

It's a hand-picked, science-backed and ready-made portfolio of high quality carbon removal solutions.

We've blended solutions across nature-based, tech-enabled and full tech. This means we can invest in a broad range of CDR, as well as carbon capturing nature-enhancing projects too.

There’s a little backstory here, please give us a quick minute.

Last year we ran a short campaign for Black Friday. The intention was to raise awareness about the difference between carbon removal and avoidance offsets. That, and the hidden carbon in our everyday stuff.

It definitely did that. We reached more people than ever before - thousands and thousands across the world. We had new record sign-ups for our free email courses. It was a lot of fun and also had a message we are proud of.

We didn't have the expectation or goal that awesome people would buy some carbon removal from us. But they did! We’ve kept that money safe, every cent and penny of it.

Since then there’s been increasing interest in carbon removal and some great progress in the industry. In particular the advanced market commitment of $925 million to speed up new CDR development from a group of large tech companies. There’s also been an X-Prize for carbon removal, providing winners with an extra $1 million of funding. Very positive, if still early, signs.

Of course, as is often the case in life, it’s different if you’re not a megabucks tech co.

As individuals or smaller organizations, it’s quite difficult to buy high quality carbon removal at an affordable price. Or to know what you should invest in.

We like the idea of giving access to high quality CDR and preservation projects to more people. In a simple way. It feels right. It feels good. It's something we wish existed.

So we scratched our heads, went for walks in the park and stared wistfully out of the window a bunch.

After much deliberating, we decided to launch our own carbon removal fund. One that blends the cost to invest in growing capacity across all CDR solutions available now, while IRL removing carbon from now onwards. Those that are ready to start scaling and pulling down emissions. As well as finding other methods almost ready to grow.

Here's what's in it 👇

Carbon Removal Fund Portfolio-1 | Zopeful Climate

We’ve called it a “fund”, but it’s more like pooling together to buy the most high quality carbon removal we can. We measure quality by a mix of permanence, additionality, co-benefits, verification and vintage (when it’ll be removed). We then consider the cost per tonne & if it makes sense.

You can buy a regular subscription or a one-time chunk, all at a sensible + appropriate cost per tonne that reflects the real cost of removing the CO2.

The fund is open to anyone and everyone is invited. There's loads of new info on our site, clicketty-click over here to start exploring.

Ready to go deeper?

Great to hear, we'd love you to!

If you're particularly interested in carbon removal we'd recommend starting with:

🆕 Carbon Removal - 3-day dive into CDR and its role in reaching net zero by 2050

If you're just getting started and would like to get a wider feel for everything start with:

🤔 Intro to Climate - 14-day jumpstart into all things climate and hidden carbon in stuff & how to reduce your carbon

There's also:

🔴 Code Red - 4-day breakdown of the latest climate science from the IPCC

🏢 Climate Companies - 3-day kickstart of how to build companies with climate at their core

All our courses are digestible in 10 minutes or less per installment with everyt hing explained, and how it fits into the bigger picture.

They also build on each other, to help you get to grips with everything and form your own thoughts and opinions.

You can start every Monday and everyone is invited to this party!

Have hope, make progress 💚

For explanations of all the terms in italics with asterisks* check out our Climate Buzzword Dictionary 

Find out more + join our Carbon Removal Fund

Every tonne matters

Our ready-made, curated, portfolio of high quality carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions is live. It aims for the highest permanence-for-the-$-per-tonne that we can find.

We're excited to be working with an inspiring group of global CDR companies taking the fight to the Climate Crisis. They're doing amazing work that holds a tonne - pun intended - of promise.

Zopeful Carbon Removal Portfolio-1

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