Carbon Removal Partners - Batch-1 "Vanguard"

For a truly audacious goal nothing short of outrageous ambition will suffice.

That's the energy we need to sustain all efforts to slow and then solve human-caused climate change and the heating up of the planet we all call home.

We think our first batch of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) partners have it in tonnes. They're at the vanguard of this new, crucial, industry that is using the full spectrum of solutions, human ingenuity and nature's capactity to actively remove the planet-heating carbon dixoxide that humans have pumped into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels over the last couple hundred years. 

Batch-1 "Vanguard" Carbon Removal Partners

Our inaugural group of leading carbon removal project developers and solutions is truly exciting. They represent all presently available pathways to remove carbon at a meaningful scale.

We love their stories, ambition, focus on the science as well as their resilience to deliver on the promise that carbon removal offers. All this is inspiring to us. And we think it will inspire you too.

To dig further into the detail we've a whole load of additional resources about both the solutions and companies working on carbon removal. Read to the bottom of this post for more!

The Start of Something BIG

There's definitely broad consensus around the critical role Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) plays and it's relationship to decarbonizing, the importance of investing in carbon removal now as well as the challenge of it being still quite early from a market demand, measurability as well as regulatory support/environment. It's also comparatively expensive next to low quality carbon avoidance projects (but, in comparison it does what it says it does!).

We read somewhere that we'd need to deploy something like $1 trillion for CDR to reach the full scale needed by 2050 (i.e. ~10 billion tonnes per year). Disclaimer: we got this number from the carbon registry Puro, so need to dig into where it came from to double confirm it.

Seems like a big number? Not so much. That's only something like an average of $30-40bn/yr between now and 2050. A rounding error on the scale of developed economies (& also in comparison to direct/indirect fossil fuel subsidies of $7tr/yr globally).

The ramp for the CDR industry to 2030 is one of proving scalability, verifiability and market signals for as many different forms of durable carbon removal and storage as possible. At that point, and with us likely looking at overshooting the Paris Agreement 1.5C average rise around then, it's a reasonable presumption that broader and larger policy support. This said, there is a lot of groundwork to do before then to enable that public and business acceptance and support.

All these challenges can be overcome and what waits on the other side is an established service (& arguably an essential public good), with a differentiated value to alternatives (like carbon avoidance) and - all importantly - with a functioning market on both the supply and demand sides.

All the people, energy and positivity we see on a daily basis from our partners as well as the industry in general show that we're focused on jumping over the humps to get there. Proving the science is possible. And the numbers, while very large, are possible. The momentum signals that CDR is the direction of travel - combined with deep decarbonization - are only growing from here out. 

Collaboration is key to solving climate change

Here at Zopeful we're working diligently, methodically and systematically on the demand side to showcase and support the growth of this critical new range of solutions. In every way, ever greater collaboration is at the heart of solving climate change, and that's the same with enabling carbon removal to deliver on it's very real promise.

We partner with growth stage (and earlier too) carbon removal project developers across all pathways to broaden their audience & reach a wider array of long term buyers.

For those interested in purchasing carbon removal we research, analyze, track and facilitate the purchase of durable CDR for a predictable price per tonne, by blending the solutions in our ready-made carbon removal portfolios.

We initially announced we were going to do this in February 2022 and then set about building up our research foundation, knowledge and methodology over the following months, leading to the unveiling of our first ready-made Carbon Removal Portfolio in June 2022. We've now been purchasing permanent removals, from our first batch of partners, since March 2023.

Since we did this we've met so many new and emerging carbon removal project developers that we're now back in evaluation phase for our next batch of amazing companies and solutions, according to our custom methodology that looks primarily at permanence, measurability and scalability.   

Meet our Batch-1 Carbon Removal Partners

No single solution or company will be big enough by 2050 to reach the size that the science says we need to slow (and then reverse) climate change. That's why we need to wide variety working on an array of solutions all around the world.

Our Batch-1 Carbon Removal Partners represent the vanguard of this essential new industry. In no particular order, they are:

- UNDO Carbon - Enhanced Rock Weathering
- CarbonCapture Inc. - Direct Air Capture + Storage
- Charm Industrial - Bio-oil + Storage
- Running Tide - Ocean Blue Carbon
- MASH Makes - Biochar
- Climeworks - Direct Air Capture + Storage
- Seaweed Generation - Ocean Blue Carbon
- Novocarbo - Biochar 

- Earthly - Nature-based Solutions

We're now evaluating new solutions and companies and can't wait to announce our Batch-2 of amazing partners as well as our new, higher permanence, ready-made carbon removal portfolios - watch this space!

Have hope, make progress πŸ’š

Team Zopeful

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