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Our friends over at Earthly are doing exciting work to increase transparency, availability and understanding of high-quality nature-based projects and solutions around the world.

Earthly’s goal is to help businesses invest in nature-based solutions while building trust, measuring value, and driving commercial ROI for sustainability efforts, making it easy for customers, employees, and stakeholders to fully understand and support their initiatives with confidence.

It’s clear from the science that there cannot be a full transition and lasting solution to human-caused climate change without addressing humanity’s relationship to the rest of the natural world. The combination of Earthly being science-backed and also nature-based with an open approach makes them natural partners for us here at Zopeful.

We’re thrilled to be working with them and including Earthly-vetted nature-based solutions in our Carbon Removal Portfolio.

Type: Nature-based Solutions (NbS)

Permanence of carbon removal: Temporary (varies by project)

Additionality: Medium
Co-benefits: High

Stage: Growth 

Locations: UK HQ, Global projects

Unlike other partners in our portfolios, Earthly are 100% focused on nature-based solutions that not only sequester carbon, they also provide co-benefits like boosting biodiversity and improving the livelihoods of local people. Their projects are handpicked for their carbon-busting power and ability to set people and nature on the path to recovery.

We’ve been so impressed with Earthly’s focus on researching the projects and creating their own 106 data-point independent analysis of each project. This crucial analysis tracks the delivery of carbon, biodiversity and social impacts by projects while creating extra transparency.

We’re hopeful that high-integrity nature-based solutions can provide about 30% of the carbon removal we need to slow and then reverse climate change.

Who are they?

Earthly are an experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, all inspired by a vision of a planet where businesses work in partnership with nature, not against it.

Together they’re helping businesses become regenerative by removing carbon, restoring nature and supporting local communities. Having created their own holistic project assessment, looking at project impact on carbon, biodiversity and people, they’re bringing clarity, trust and integrity within nature-based solutions.

As a remote team, they work with project developers around the world across the full range of nature-based carbon removal solutions, including reforestation, afforestation, mangroves and more. They monitor carbon & ecosystem health using the latest technology, so we can invest in projects that will continue to deliver long-term value.

Earthly - Nature Based Solutions Logo

90% of the focus has been on carbon, but climate, biodiversity and social impact are interlinked crises that can’t be ignored.

Oliver Bolton

CEO & Co-Founder, Earthly

Earthly's Story

Having started his family around the time when the IPCC’s 1.5 degrees report was released, and every major newspaper ran the headline: “We have 10 years to defeat climate change.” Oliver Bolton, Earthly’s co-founder and CEO, imagined a future conversation with his son asking him, “You knew what was happening; you knew the severity. Why didn’t you do more?”.

Both Oliver Bolton and Lorenzo Curci, Earthly’s CCO and co-founder, were running their own companies at that time but wanted to do more and create a company with impact at its heart so that future generations can have the same quality of life we have been lucky enough to have.

Since they were founded in 2018 they’ve been going from strength to strength. They’ve participated at COP, won UN awards and spearheaded increasing the transparency of nature-based solutions.

They are a trusted provider of nature-based solutions and voluntary decarbonization projects that also bring wider biodiversity and community benefits.

Earthly’s robust approach, backed by their board of independent scientific advisors, means they can confidently present nature-based solutions fit for the next phase of sustainable action.

Like us, they believe it’s critical to avoid the 85%+ carbon-reduction projects that have little to no impact on CO₂ reduction or removal. They do this by focusing on high-quality projects that verifiably remove carbon, but also restore biodiversity and improve livelihoods.

We love this much needed approach to rebuilding trust in essential nature-based solutions. It’s clear to us that it takes all of us, and the full range of projects, to create the solutions our world needs to combat climate change.

The company employs over 20 people remotely, across the UK, Europe and Africa.

Nature-based Solutions

High-quality nature-based solutions and projects have a key role to play in combating climate change from a carbon removal as well as crucial co-benefits for biodiversity.

Research & Analysis

Earthly researches nature-based projects using their independent 106 data-point analysis, and compiles the results across the impact on carbon removed, as well as important biodiversity and human co-benefits.

Earthly NbS - Industry first Nature-based Project Rating
Earthly - quality nature based solutions for carbon removal

Quality nature-based removals

They work with project developers around the world across the full range of nature-based carbon removal solutions, including reforestation, afforestation, mangroves and more.

Supporting projects long term

The highest climate change fighting value in NbS comes when the projects are supported for the long term, continually investing in the regeneration and protection of natural ecosystems.

Earthly - Supporting Nature-based projects long term

Scaling Plans

Earthly’s ambitious goal is to help businesses remove at least one gigatonne of carbon (one billion tonnes) by 2030 with additional, measurable benefits for people and nature.

To achieve Net Zero (and beyond), we need to grow global carbon removal capacity to somewhere between 5 to 10 gigatonnes per year by 2050. It is our hope that, in achieving this, it’s also possible to rebalance humanity’s relationship with the rest of the planet, by supporting the thoughtful restoration and protection of ecosystems.

Nature-based solutions play a crucial role in investing in biodiversity and local communities, as well as aiming to contribute about 30% of the carbon removal we need. We need them, and they need us. 

Climate Justice + Co-benefits

Zopeful's Carbon Removal Portfolios primarily look at solutions that are as-permanent-as-possible-for-the-$, combined with additionality and verifiability. As you may know from our climate courses, we're very conscious of climate justice issues as well. There can be no full transition to a zero emissions world that isn't just. We're including carbon removal partners in the portfolios that engage and include local communities in the countries they operate in.

For Earthly, carbon, biodiversity and people are interlinked and poorly designed offset schemes can negatively impact people and nature – something they believe must be avoided at all costs. Nature must be factored into business and financial decisions, and this will hopefully soon be extended to include social and human capital.

Biodiversity is one of the core determinants for the success of a NbS, as projects that do not address diversity will be at greater risk of environmental problems such as drought, fire, floods, pests and disease. All of Earthly’s approved projects factor in local communities as people must be at the centre of NbS, with their local knowledge, expertise and leadership determining the success and longevity of the intervention.

It’s great to be working with Zopeful to provide our nature-based solutions, and give access to climate solutions that have a wide impact on carbon, social and biodiversity factors.

Their helpful courses are also great for demystifying climate science and educating teams that have a pressing need to decarbonise and lead climate pathways.

Lorenzo Curci

Co-founder and CCO, Earthly

Undo Carbon - Big Pile of Crushed Basalt with Jim Mann on top


As you’ll be aware from our climate courses, slowing and reversing climate change not only requires us to reduce emissions from the current levels, we also need to take out hundreds of billions of tonnes we’ve already added to the atmosphere over the last 200 years.

High-quality nature-based solutions have a pivotal role to play in achieving this. They also come packed full of co-benefits for the wider natural world, as well as for humans. Supporting and nurturing the regrowth of nature is a crucial investment we need to make to tackle both climate change and biodiversity loss. Yes, doing so removes carbon. It also does so much more.

Earthly inspires us with their focus on driving quality and building trust in critical nature-based solutions. Go team!

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