Carbon Removal Offsets - Employee Perks and Benefits

Employees are demanding more climate action from their employers. Both in terms of reducing as well as removing carbon emissions. It's going to be the new normal.

One way to support them is to provide employee perks that remove their carbon (as well as your own). You can do so by providing Carbon Removal (CDR for short) as an employee perk and benefit.

You could also match the amount they removal. Whether work related or not, your company will be contributing to real science-backed climate action.

After all, your employees work-related personal emissions are also part of your Scope 3, so something you're going to need to figure out as soon as possible. Any extra removal you do would count towards your net zero plan.

Businesses and companies of all sizes have a big role to play in reducing and removing carbon emissions. The great news is they can and it's easy to start now.

There's a load of options available for climate-focussed companies looking to truly remove their carbon emissions from the atmosphere to help limit anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change. The science shows us there's no time to waste. The best time to start is now!

So what’s next?

At present the majority of offsets and credits you can buy - whether a company or individual - will be avoidance of emissions. We’ve talked about this before, so we won’t go too deep here. They’re often low cost and equally of low quality and effectiveness in drawing down already emitted carbon dioxide.

This is going to change as we further develop, deploy and scale a range of carbon removal solutions. We can, and will, do better!

While carbon removal is more expensive than avoidance offsets, removal solutions actually work in the way we need. Whether nature-based, tech-enabled or fully tech based there’s full suite of options emerging that offer great permanence, durability, additionality as well as many with biodiversity and wider co-benefits.

Contact us (form below) to find out more about our Carbon Removal Fund, and how your business can offer high quality removal credits now as an employee perk.

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