Alternative Black Friday

Humanity currently emits about 50 billion tonnes of CO2 and other greenhouse gases per year. So much of it is embedded in everything we buy, use and do.

Since industrialization we've pumped out about 2,400 billion tonnes (~80% by wealthy developed countries).

Average temperatures have already risen over 1 degree celsius & the results are now often on the news or just out of our windows.

It's going to need all of us to reduce and remove the huge amount of embedded carbon from everything we do. Governments, companies and individuals as well.

In tackling emissions reduction and The Climate Crisis we have the exciting opportunity to reimagine the world and our relationship with it. It's the defining theme of this century, and everyone has an invite to the party.

We're already making progress, though the pace isn't as quick as we'd ideally want. To be on track for net zero we need to half emissions by 2030 to limit the increasing impacts of climate change as the world heats up.

The good news is there's lots we know how to do and we still have time.

An important tool in limiting climate change is carbon removal. Pulling down emissions from the atmosphere through nature based or technological solutions. Although it's not always clear what does and doesn't have the positive impact we'd all like to see (and we think it should be!).

This Black Friday we're running a mini-campaign to talk about carbon removal vs avoidance offsetting and the baked-in emissions in everything we do. Reducing and removing emissions are our best bet at tackling the Climate Crisis. We already have some of the tools we need and can be deploying many of them faster or on a larger scale.

Primarily it's about awareness and education on how we all have every day impact. Would be delighted for any and all support anyone felt comfortable with.

It's open until November 30th. Drop by the page for a read:

Zopeful Alternative Black Friday

Have hope, make progress! πŸ’š 

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