Black Friday Carbon Removal 2022
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Alternative Black Friday

This Black Friday instead of buying things (or in addition to buying things), join us as we put our money towards high quality carbon removal projects. It's like an Alternative Black Friday. And yes, we could call it Green Friday or Blue Friday!

What are carbon removal projects?

They're not the same as most offsets you can buy, these are projects that actually remove emissions and invest in a climate positive world. All projects are fully vetted with certificates published showing the amount of greenhouse gases removed. We account for every cent, and show you the receipts.

Does this make a difference?

Yes. Of course individuals aren't to blame for The Climate Crisis, however we can all play an important role in making progress tackling it. Reducing and removing emissions are our best path to limiting climate change.

This page will close on November 30th 2021

How Removing Carbon Makes A Real Difference

Types of Carbon Offsetting

Only about 5% of the offsets you can presently buy are carbon removal. About 95% of them don't take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Nearly 65% are what's called avoidance offsets, which don't reduce emissions either. That's not ideal.

Ways to Make An Impact
As more and more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere heat our planet (due to human activity), we think it's important to make investing in impactful solutions available to everyone. Carbon removal projects are one way to start to do this, as is knowing the carbon hidden in all our stuff so that we can make informed choices.

If you've taken one of our courses you'll know that we follow the science. The only credible way to reach Net Zero (and beyond) is to both reduce the emissions from everything we do, and remove what we've already released out of the atmosphere. This is true at government, company or individual levels. And yes, it's possible. Have hope, make progress!

About This Mini-Fund
This Black Friday we've hand selected organisations and projects doing just that. These organizations work to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere and we've made a mini fund so that you or anyone can participate in making an impact. 

Carbon Removal, Preservation and Avoidance
We're in this together. Invite a friend to Alternative Black Friday in 20 seconds flat!

What's in our Black Friday Fund?

A good place to start is to put a value on the emissions that are in pretty much everything we do, buy, or use. We've set the benchmark price at $150 per tonne (a metric ton) of greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere, because that's the approximate price suggested by numerous organisations.

Zopeful Black Friday 2021 Fund

Carbon Removal for All

The various carbon removal solutions all cost different amounts, ranging from about $10 per tonne up to about $800 per tonne. We've mixed them together to give an average price of $150 per tonne to make it accessible. We also use the most permanent removal options as possible. Truth is we're going to need all of these solutions to draw down emissions from the atmosphere and reduce the effects of climate change.

We're aiming for over 85% of the total monetary value to go to the projects, after applicable taxes are paid (if any are due). We'll retain up to 10% to invest in more things like this and other hopeful climate positive projects. The remaining 5% is payment provider fees.

Please note: there's a minimum size that it'll make sense to use this blended per tonne approach. If we don't reach a level that it works we'll refund your contribution in full.

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How much should I remove?

That depends. It's up to you. We've bundled some options so you can make your own decisions. Once you've bought some we'll update you in detail on all the projects and the amount of greenhouse gases that have been removed thanks to your choices. As well as how every cent has been used to get the most removal bang for your buck.

All prices are in US Dollars and you can use most global currency cards at the checkout.

$5 is about the same as a pair of jeans

$10 is about the same as a new smartphone

$25 is about the same as a laptop or TV

$50 is about the same as a desktop computer and monitor

$100 is about the same as a short haul return flight

$200 is about the same as a long haul return flight

$500 is about the same as driving 12,000 miles (19,200km) in a gasoline/petrol car

$700 is about the same as a typical European emits in a year

$1000 is about the same as a new car

$1500 is about the same as a typical American emits in a year

$330,000,000,000 is the greenhouse gas emissions of global food waste per year

$2.4 x 1014 is the total amount of CO2 we've emitted by burning fossil fuels

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