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Our friends over at Treeconomy are doing exciting work to increase transparency, availability, and understanding of high-quality nature-based carbon removal projects around the world.

Through remote sensing and research-backed methodologies, Treeconomy ensures that every carbon credit meets the highest standards of quality and transparency. They quantify and monitor inherently good projects that generate traceable and tangible carbon removal while delivering a wider range of ecosystem services, benefiting climate, biodiversity, and local communities.

We think Treeconomy shares our vision of a sustainable future, one based on trust and transparency, and that how we get there is by doing things the right way, based in science.

It’s clear from the science that there cannot be a full transition and lasting solution to human-caused climate change without addressing humanity’s relationship to the rest of the natural world. The combination of Treeconomy being science-backed, utilizing advanced techniques and also nature-based with an open approach makes them natural partners for us here at Zopeful.

We’ve been following Treeconomy’s progress for a few years and are thrilled to be working with them by including their vetted projects in our Carbon Removal Portfolios.

Type: Reforestation, afforestation

Permanence of carbon removal: Temporary (varies by project)

Additionality: Medium
Co-benefits: High

Stage: Growth 

Location: England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, DRC, India, Myanmar, Brazil

Who are Treeconomy?

Treeconomy strives for a world where a tree in the ground is more valuable than a tree chopped down. They are leading in the use of innovation and technology to accelerate the regeneration of the natural world to combat climate change, support biodiversity and improve livelihoods.

Through the use of technology - combining satellite, drone, and field data - they quantify and track each project, ensuring quality through data that you can rely on and measure. 

  • Ecosystem Baselining - AI models process high-resolution remote sensing data to quantify and classify the different habitat types at each project site
  • Remote Sensing Data Collection - remote sensing data is collected prior to project starting and regularly ongoing. This is combined with field data to validate and calibrate the results of aerial scanning
  • Carbon Removal Quantification - Every project, every habitat, and every ecosystem they work with is different. They tailor the analysis to the site, using a mix of per-tree evaluation and extensive habitat classifications to produce the most accurate carbon assessment.

Treeconomy Nature-based Carbon Removal Logo

Treeconomy’s objective is to produce high-integrity carbon removal credits that are durable, auditable, quantified, and less than $100/t. We think a blend of nature-based projects and high precision remote sensing technology is the sweet spot for achieving this.

Harry Grocott

CEO/co-founder, Treeconomy

Treeconomy projects are listed on registries, and all credits are tracked publicly on third-party registries. They work quality existing projects and support as well as support the design and development of new projects that match their rigorous criteria.

They work based-on recognized standards including, the Woodland Carbon Code (UK-based projects), Verra, and the Ecosystem Restoration Standard.

Treeconomy's Story

"Why can't we invest in nature to combat climate change?" Fuelled by this burning desire to make a difference, Harry envisioned Treeconomy — a company that would bridge the gap between the global market and environmental preservation. Teaming up with Rob, an expert in ecology and sustainable business, they united by a shared passion, and their vision became a reality. Treeconomy is now set to revolutionise the world's approach to nature restoration.

How does Nature-based Carbon Removal work?

High-quality nature-based solutions and projects have a key role to play in combating climate change as carbon removal and crucially have huge biodiversity co-benefits.

Project Development

Treeconomy collaborates with landowners and developers from inception, ensuring the projects are both additional and durable, while also providing ecosystem services to benefit climate, biodiversity, and local communities.

Treeconomy - Nature-based carbon removal project development
Treeconomy - Trustworthy Carbon Removal with nature

Trustworthy Carbon Removal

The carbon removal can be traced and visualized through down-to-the-tree metrics, which are robustly assessed via satellite, drone, and AI technology.

Continuous Impact Monitoring

Treeconomy uses high-resolution remote sensing and AI technology to improve the transparency and accuracy of carbon removal claims within their projects for ongoing analysis to measure and monitor impact over time.

Treeconomy - continuous impact monitoring
Treeconomy - engaging local communities to tackle climate change with nature

Engaging Local Communities

Most of their projects engage directly with the local community to design and ensure alignment with immediate and near-future needs. This is especially important in cases where the land is currently or previously used for subsistence purposes.

Scaling Plans

In the next 10 years, Treeconomy has the ambition to remove 1,000,000,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using nature-based solutions. Yep, you read that right. A billion tonnes. A gigatonne.

So far Treeconomy has over 60 projects in their pipeline, representing 113 million tonnes of carbon dioxide removal potential. The current priority is to get the first 3 projects ‘live’ in 2024, and from there building a financing programme to finance large-scale nature restoration projects systematically.

They aim to have the current portfolio live within a 3 year period, and have extended the pipeline in line with their gigatonne expansion plans. Support from Zopeful as a portfolio buyer is vital to this expansion, as is the support from the likes of the UK Space Agency who are funding their expanded remote sensing monitoring system

To achieve Net Zero (& beyond) we need to grow global carbon removal capacity to somewhere between 5 to 10 gigatonnes per year by 2050. Nature-based removal has the potential - from a carbon storage volume, additionality and scaling potential - to contribute a significant proportion of the total we need to develop and deploy.

An extra-special benefit from nature-based solutions is that they also invest in and restore ecosystems essential for rebalancing the planet. Nature-based removal plays a crucial role in investing in biodiversity and local communities, as well as aiming to contribute about 30% of the carbon removal we need for Net Zero. We need it, and it needs us. 

The Technology behind Treeconomy

Treeconomy use LiDAR scanning to model forests


Deployed via drone or plane, LiDAR laser scanning allows produces highly precise 3D models of the forest. With LiDAR, they can distinguish individual trees, hedges, and shrubs, while measuring their size, density, and growth over time.

Treeconomy use satellites to count trees


High-resolution satellite data has never been better. With funding and support from the European Space Agency, they use satellites to count trees, increase scalability, reduce costs, and enhance the resolution of project measurement and monitoring.

Treeconomy use photogrammetry to reconstruct 3D models of forests

Structure from Motion 

Photogrammetry involves taking multiple overlapping aerial photographs. Using thousands of photos captured from a drone in motion, they can reconstruct a 3D true-colour model of the site. The plotted point cloud provides a high-resolution digital reconstruction of the project area.

Treeconomy use orthophotos high-resolution images that can be used for mapping


An orthophoto is a high-resolution aerial image that has been geo-referenced for use in GIS applications. It's like taking a colour photograph from the sky looking down. Because these images are so detailed, they are more precise than satellites. Orthophotos are useful for identifying individual tree specimens.

Climate Justice + Co-benefits

Zopeful's Carbon Removal Portfolios primarily look at solutions that are as-permanent-as-possible-for-the-$, combined with additionality and verifiability. As you may know from our climate courses, we're very conscious of climate justice issues as well. There can be no full transition to a zero emissions world that isn't just. We're including carbon removal partners in the portfolios that engage and include local communities in the countries they operate in.

Treeconomy projects are designed to be high-quality not just from a carbon removal perspective. Their carbon credits are developed with a natural capital uplift mindset, meaning that they are crafted to not only remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but also enhance ecological integrity, biodiversity richness, and the well-being of local communities.

They consider community involvement crucial for our projects’ long-term sustainability and to maximise their impact. Many of the projects are collaboratively designed with local community groups to ensure alignment with immediate and near-future needs. This is especially important in cases where the land is currently or previously used for subsistence purposes.

All of our energy is focussed on bringing these quality nature-based removal projects to market. Finding market partners who share this focus on quality is incredibly important, and I value the support from Adam & the Zopeful team as we build this vision.

Harry Grocott

CEO/co-founder, Treeconomy

Treeconomy Team


Slowing and reversing climate change not only requires us to drastically reduce emissions from current levels, we also need to take out hundreds of billions of tonnes we’ve already added to the atmosphere over the last 200 years. The natural carbon cycle already absorbs about half of humanity’s excess emissions, and we need it to do more.

If you’ve been on our courses you’ll know that land and ocean carbon sinks have a lot of additional carbon sequestration potential. A key challenge to overcome with many types of nature-based solution is that they are challenging to measure and quantify the additional CO2 being captured and stored.

What sets Treeconomy apart is that their solution uses technology to bring a new level of measurability to enable the growth of the highest quality nature-based projects. Something we are in great need of more globally.

Nature-based removal also comes packed full of co-benefits for the wider natural world, as well as for humans. Supporting and nurturing the regrowth of nature is a crucial investment we need to make to tackle both climate change and biodiversity loss. Yes, doing so removes carbon. It also does so much more.

We’re excited to see what a Treeconomy’s combination of technology and reforestation/afforestation can create in terms of positive climate and biodiversity impact, all while utilizing nature's huge potential to sequester more carbon out of the atmosphere.

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We're excited to be working with an inspiring group of global CDR companies taking the fight to the Climate Crisis. They're doing amazing work that holds a tonne - pun intended - of promise.

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