Why we made an introduction to climate change course

We know, information about climate change and everything that means is kind of everywhere. It's also kind of all over the place in little pockets related to each specialist area. It's hard to piece together, to connect the dots and understand what each of us can do to make a difference, whether that's big or small.

In part that's because Climate Science is the new rocket science. We're observing our world at all new depths. It can be complex, academically dense and across disciplines. We've felt it too. When starting out it can become an ever increasing firehose of information that it’s impossible to consume. We’ve tried, oh how we’ve tried.

A lot of it's reports. There’s a truckload of amazing data from inspiring people doing incredible work. There’s terminology wrapped in acronyms a-plenty.

A bunch of it supposes you already know about it. When we started we very much didn’t. And we're still learning. Every day.

It doesn't have to be this way.

When you peel back the layers of assumed knowledge, a lot of the science and ways to take action is clear. Understanding what the situation is, and what we can all do about it is that all important first step on everyone's journey.

That's what we wanted to give everyone by making a free, digestible, introduction to climate change course.

We made it into short emails that break everything down as well. as build you up as you go, so by the end you have an overall picture of the situation and the way forward - both for you personally as well as how that fits into the global response we need to tackle climate change.

Why are you Zopeful?

We're always keen to avoid the doom. There’s plenty of that going about. It’s said that fear is a good motivator. Maybe that's why it's so often used. On climate it has its uses, although we don’t think it will get us all the way to where we need to be. Likewise it doesn't feel like awareness of the science gets us there all on it's own either. This is a “yes…and” situation if ever there was one.

After exploring it a lot we're still full of hope. We see what we’re going to need to do. Whether that's governments, companies and, yes, us individuals. We can get into a happier place with this most pressing of challenges. When we achieve it it'll be the biggest thing we've ever done as a society.

That's inspiring to us. What energises us is that heady combination of hope and progress that comes from taking control of what we know, and what can do to contribute meaningfully to tackling The Climate Crisis.

We're going to do more, watch this space!

So what's next?

Take your first step! Join the course, of course!

Join our free 14-day Intro to Climate email course.

Each installment is a 5 to 10 minute burst of climate related info to help you connect the dots. It's the shortcut we wish we'd had. Are you ready to jumpstart your best climate life?

Have hope, make progress! 💚
Team Zopeful

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