Carbon Removal Portfolio

It's not easy to buy high-quality, science-backed carbon dioxide removal (aka, CDR*). If you're an individual or small to medium sized business it's pretty damn difficult to find the solutions and projects that work in the way we need.

Most of what's available in the voluntary carbon market* is what's called avoidance offsets*. Often these are low cost and of equally low likelihood to capture emissions and lock them away in the way we need. Sadly, a lot of them are very low quality indeed.

We think that's a huge shame, and not in-line with making fast progress tackling human-caused climate change. At best we're deluding ourselves.

So we've created a ready-made portfolio of CDR that anyone can buy.

It's an off-the-shelf bundle of curated carbon removal projects that we research, validate and then group buy on behalf of the members of our Portfolio.

It's one of the hopeful, trustworthy and science-based climate-restoring products we wished existed but couldn't find.

Why do we need this?

About 95% of the carbon credits and offsets you can buy don't remove or reduce carbon in the atmosphere directly. Shocking, right?

It's widely agreed on that we're going to need somewhere between 5 to 20 gigatonnes (billion tonnes) per year of real carbon removal by 2050. This is just to be the 10% "net" in Net Zero*, combined with a huge amount of reductions and decarbonization.

No one single carbon removal type is likely to be at the level we need to have by 2050. The truth is we're going to need a wide range of these solutions to sequester* emissions from the atmosphere and reduce the effects of climate change. A portfolio approach means we can invest and grow each category at the same time.

Wait, why is carbon removal more expensive?

Yes, genuinely removing carbon and locking it away (or using it for something else) is more expensive than choosing a low cost offset. However, it actually works in the way we need.

It's a question for all of us, whether we're active in climate or just getting interested: what would you prefer to spend your money on - something that works or something that doesn't do anything?

For us the answer is resolutely that we'd prefer to pay extra for something that works. Also, over time it is likely to get cheaper as we learn to do it more efficiently as the technologies expand and evolve.

When it comes to carbon credits* the saying "the high cost of low price" takes on all new meanings and implications.

Curious? Check out our Carbon Removal Portfolio. You can buy a monthly subscription or a one-time chunk and we do the rest (& show you everything that goes into it).

Don't offset...Remove! 

Have hope, make progress πŸ’š

For explanations of all the terms in italics with asterisks* check out our Climate Buzzword Dictionary 

Every tonne matters

Our ready-made, curated, portfolio of high quality carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions is live. It aims for the highest permanence-for-the-$-per-tonne that we can find.

We're excited to be working with an inspiring group of global CDR companies taking the fight to the Climate Crisis. They're doing amazing work that holds a tonne - pun intended - of promise.

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