Personal Carbon Reduction Roadmap

While individuals are not to blame for The Climate Crisis*, a huge amount of Carbon Dioxide and Equivalents* are being pumped out into the atmosphere due to our everyday choices. These emissions are baked in to pretty much everything we do - sometimes referred to as embodied emissions*.

We have an opportunity to make everyday choices that reduce and potentially removal Greenhouse Gases due to our individual actions. When you add these up collectively they can make a dent on the road to net zero*.

This isn't to say that governments and companies aren't responsible for supporting and acting at a scale beyond individuals. They are. By choosing ourselves we not only put pressure on them to go faster but also voting with our hard earned money adds further incentive, if any were needed, for them to move quicker.

As emissions are baked into everything we do, and we still have time to . We don't get close to the ambition of fully decarbonizing the economy and our world without reducting emissions. There's no magic fix or technology silver bullet, we simply emit too much - about 50 billion tonnes a year.

For large organisations at the scale of governments or companies they're going to build a roadmap that reduces their emissions over time. The same can be true for individuals.

We've made a free tool - it's part of our Intro to Climate course - to help you group some of the options available to you. You can then put them into a personal roadmap that works for you and your lifestyle. 

Please remember, there's no judgement. Progress (even one step) is progress:

The goal isn't to be perfect, it's to make progress!

Personal Carbon Roadmap Tool v0.1 - Notion (<- link to it!)

  • If you don't have a Notion account you'll need to sign-up - it's free for individuals
  • Have a look around and read the how to use and goal setting summaries
  • Click on "Ideas for Carbon Reduction" for steps to get started
  • Make a copy by pressing "duplicate in the top right"

It's a first version so we're planning on updating it. If you have suggestions we'd love to hear them!

If you join our Intro to Climate 14-day email course it'll be clearer how to use this roadmap in your own search for your best climate life. Awesome humans around the world - over 50 countries - have already been on it.

Have hope, make progress! 💚

Climate Buzzword Dictionary

The Climate Crisis - the accelerating heating of our planet due to human activity

Carbon and equivalents  - bundle of main greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide, methane & nitrous oxide. Abrev. CO2e

Embodied Emissions - carbon and other greenhouse gaases baked into everything we buy and do as humans at present

Net zero  -  a target to stop producing Greenhouse Gases from human activity by 2050. It combines reducing, removing as well as offsetting hard to eliminate emissions. Also called Net-zero 2050

Greenhouse Gases - Abbreviated to GHG. 98% made up of Carbon Dioxide, Methane or Nitrous Oxide. Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. See Carbon and Equivalents

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