How to remove carbon in everyday stuff like tech, flights, driving, food and clothes

There's hidden carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in everything we use, do or buy in the modern world.

From our tech like phones, TVs, games consoles and computers; to our travel, whether that's flying or driving; or in our food and clothes too.

All the things. Pretty much without exception.

It's also pretty hard to know how much is in what.

There aren't really any laws or rules that force companies to share the information about the carbon and other greenhouse gases* baked into things.

Of course, we think there should be.

But, we're not holding our breath.

Instead we've been researching and have put together some good ballpark rules-of-thumb for the amount of planet-heating emissions that are hidden in plain sight in our pockets, desks, on our driveways and bodies as well as even in our stomachs.

Okay, okay. We know you get the point.

We've pulled together some data from quality sources to breakdown how many kilograms of carbon (or other greenhouse gases) are in everyday things and then bundled it with a corresponding amount of high quality carbon removal*.

What's carbon removal we hear you say? Well, it's different to offsetting* in the fact that it actually removes gases from the atmosphere. This is a much longer story, but basically carbon removal works the way we need, in comparison to the vast majority of offsets (about 95% of them) that don't.

We need more carbon removal. A lot more.

As a quick recap: not releasing carbon emissions is a lot cheaper and easier than removing them, so we recommend reducing the amount that you emit. Though there's only so far you can go at the present time, as carbon is embedded so widely.

For all the things that it's not possible to not use or choose a carbon-free alternative the next best thing is to use high-quality carbon removal to grab the same amount of carbon and lock it away where it can't contribute to the heating up of the Earth. That's what the science tells us.

So here's a little thing we made to show you all the carbon emissions in your everyday things so you can decide for yourself what works for you to live your best climate life.

None of us chose for all this carbon to be there, but it definitely is and you can do something about it. Don't offset, remove!

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For explanations of all the terms in italics with asterisks * check out our Climate Buzzword Dictionary 

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