Climate Change Terminology and Buzzwords

We're huge believers in transparency and saying things clearly and plainly. That's why we share our research into climate change buzzwords and terminology. Our aim is to help you build your understanding of what it all means, why it matters and what you can do to help solve it.

In our opinion there are few topics with so many different variations of what things means, as everything related to tackling human-caused climate change.

We love to cast some light by exploring what they all mean, and which are based on the incredible climate science and which are more open to interpretation and sometimes misuse.

That's one reason why we create easy-to-read short climate courses that dig behind the terminology that we see so often.

We've found that we can't do that effectively without cutting through all the buzzwords, breaking them apart and explaining what they really mean in normal language.

It's as much for us as for everyone else!

Give us a minute to get theoretical with you. If the purpose of language is to communicate ideas and share concepts, then overly complicated or opaque language can be used to confuse or hide the very same things.

In the worse situations it alienates and reduces someone's ability to take an action, because the language used is so dense or contradictory that it hides, misleads or confuses.

As tackling, and solving, climate change is a global and collective effort, we believe that an important step to creating agency is clear and precise language. It helps raise the general level of knowledge of key terms and concepts. It creates a shared understanding and transparency of what different things mean.

In something as deep, important and complex as climate change it's a fundamental starting point to make progress. The more people who see the differences and nuance, the more able they are to choose to play their part.

If you're thinking about how you can build your climate knowledge and create your best climate life in drop by our explanations to exploreπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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