Climate Change Buzzwords - what does the jargon all mean?

There's so much terminology, buzzwords and acronyms in the climate change and science space. We've decoded and demystified them so you can gain a clearer picture of what's going on and what they all mean quicker than we were able to. Enjoy!

When we first started investigating The Climate Crisis; the complexity, size and causes of it we were hit with a gigatonne of terms that were new, nuanced and sometimes with quite confusing meanings.

We didn't want this to be the case for others trying to live their best climate lives, or a block to learning about the science and solutions to help limit climate change for all of us.

For our first course (Intro to Climate) we compiled stuff we'd learnt from over 120 credible sources and found that a lot of them assumed you already knew what the industry language meant.

Considering that climate is cross-discipline and draws from many different places - all with their own way of describing things, we tried to break down, explain and simplify what all the jargon meant.

As a result of all this digging we made a resource for our free email courses that we're also sharing here with you.

We hope it will be helpful and useful for you on your own journey in all things climate:

The Zopeful Climate Buzzword Dictionary

Have hope, make progress! 💚
Team Zopeful

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