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Way back at the end of 2022 we ran a global survey about attitudes and behaviors relating to climate in the workplace.

It's taken us an excruciatingly long amount of time to properly analyze the results. That's our bad. We're a small team and as we didn't hit our target number of respondents of 2000+ people other priorities ended up coming first.

As we're all about transparency and sharing what we know openly, the good - if grossly belated - news is that now we're thinking of running a similar research survey in early 2024 we went back and dug into the data from last year. Finalllyyyyyyyy!

While you're here - we would love to really bump up the numbers of respondents for the 2024 version of this study.

If you'd like to pre-register your interest in taking part or helping us distribute our next Climate @ Work Study - we're currently deciding whether to do it next month or wait until early 2024 - please submit your contact details in the form at the bottom of this page and we'll email you when it's ready.

πŸŽ‰ Without any further ado, here's a summary of our Climate@Work 2022 Survey πŸŽ‰

The sample size is a little modest but we still think there’s some interesting themes coming out.

It was a shortish survey, taking just over 5 minutes to complete, however, somewhat below our desired target we had a total of 125 respondents from a range of countries - 54% Europe, 41% North America, 2.5% Australia and New Zealand and the remainder were split across other locations in Africa and South America.

There were responses from a full age range from the 18-24 group to 60+ with a 55:45 female to male split and also across a range of roles and seniority.

What geographies does the company you work for operate in?
Which job best describes your role in the company?

We were interested in their personal level of interest and concern relating to climate change as well as how their employers were supporting them as well as informing them on the steps the organization was taking on climate.

How would you rate your personal level of concern about climate change and the impacts it will have?

Perhaps unsurprisingly the group who did complete the survey considered themselves highly aware on climate issues.

Note: this is probably a bit biased vs the average due to the small sample size, where we distributed the survey last year, as well as the people who are most likely to respond to it.

How would you rate your current knowledge and understanding of climate change?
Would you feel confident explaining the difference between the terms "Net Zero", "Carbon Neutral", "Climate Positive" and "Sustainability"?

Here's what they told us about their companies and their thoughts on how their organizations were acting and responding to climate change. 

Has the company you work for published a Net Zero plan?

We also asked them "How does the company you work for define "Net Zero"?" and their was a broad range of response with 60% saying "it doesn't" or they "don't know".

For the other 40% of responses they ranged from "measuring and reducing carbon emissions, and offsetting those we can't eliminate" to "net zero across scope 1, 2 and 3" to "All emissions compensated for, and additional carbon removed" to "in line with Paris Climate agreement, work on reductions of emissions based on GHG protocol and SBTi guidance".

After this we wanted to hear more about the employees perception of their employers climate initiatives. The scale ranged from "not important" to "mission critical".

How seriously do you think your company's leaders are taking climate change?
How would you rate your company's climate related programs and efforts?

It was important to us to see how they felt about this as well as how supported they were in their workplace on climate.

In your opinion, can your company do more to reduce their impact on the environment and expand their Net Zero ambitions?
Do you feel supported by your company on climate issues?

We then asked what kind of support they'd received any training from their employer in the last couple years as their climate responsibility has climbed up in businesses awareness. 

Has your company provided employee training on climate change in the last two years?

Remember the ratio of companies who'd published a net zero plan? Yep, it was 74%. Coincidence maybe, maybe not.

We then asked those who had attended company training how effectively they thought it was.

Has your company provided employee training on climate change in the last two years?

What struck us as surprisingly was that pretty much all of these respondents said that their company didn't measure the impact of the training beyond the hours or attendance, andd only a couple said it included knowledge reviews at the end. Of course doing that can be tricky but still an opportunity missed in our book.

For those who hadn't attended employee training from their company on climate in the last two years we asked them if they'd like to...

Would you like your company to provide employee training on climate change?

And to round it off we asked them what impact working for a company with climate at its core would mean to them in their roles.

Would you be more or less motivated if you worked for a company with a strong climate and environmental policy?

Which closely correlated with this - somewhat biased & unfortunately phrased - question πŸ‘‡

Would you like to learn more "green skills" to become more valuable in your workplace?

πŸ’ Wrap Up πŸ’

Looking back now this was far from a perfect study, however there were - in the small sample - some strong themes that came through that highlighted the growing interest of employees and opportunity for employers to lead on discussing (as well as acting on) climate in the workplace, as well as across building stronger science-backed net zero aligned programs and initiatives. 

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It’s not tech alone that will solve climate change and the fossil fuel causes of it. People will. You, me, others. More people. Us.

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Have hope, make progress πŸ’š

Team Zopeful

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