Are individuals to blame for climate change and The Climate Crisis?

In so many ways it's a bit crazy many of us are still asking ourselves this question. We get asked it more often than we expected. Of course, the answer is a big "no".

That's not the whole story, there's a bit more that's good to ponder on.

Carbon dioxide and equivalent greenhouse gases are hidden - embodied - into pretty much everything we humans do. They're so pervasive they're unavoidable at this point.

They're in our food, how we get around, all the stuff we buy and big chunks of the types of energy we use every day. Whether at home or at work or out and about. They're everywhere.

Individuals have never, ever, said "hey, you know what'd be great? If we pumped out a load of gases into the atmosphere to make this thing".

It isn't an active choice we've been able to make.

It's just the way it's always been. Until now, as we're waking up to the real cost of emitting billions of tonnes of gases that trap heat every year.

Why are individuals important in tackling The Climate Crisis?

While individuals aren't to blame, we can all do something to help tackle the global challenge of climate change.

The truth is it's going to need a load of us to be involved to tackle the scale of human-caused climate change. Whether at the level of governments, companies, and yes, for individuals too.

Collectively, individuals can and do have a huge influence on big organizations - whether they're countries or businesses. And there's more we can all be doing to make that happen.

So what's next?

If you'd like to dig deeper into the story and science of what the problem is, the hidden carbon in our stuff as well as what we can all do about it join our free 14-day Intro to Climate email course.

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Have hope, make progress! πŸ’š
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Climate Buzzword Dictionary

Carbon Dioxide and Equivalents - bundle of main greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide, methane & nitrous oxide. Abrev. CO2e

Greenhouse Gases - Abbreviated to GHG. 98% made up of Carbon Dioxide, Methane or Nitrous Oxide. Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. See Carbon and Equivalents

Emissions - the creation and release of Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere due to human activity

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