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Climate Companies

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This 3-day course compacts everything you need to know to get started building climate positive companies into 5-10 minute easy-to-read bursts.

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What's in the box?

There's a lot of information floating about on the role of companies in The Climate Crisis. We've cut it down to the essence of what you need to know to build a climate company, all while engaging your customers + employees to make real progress. 

Part 1

Climate Science for Companies

This installment is about understanding the need to build climate positive companies. Starting with a whistle-stop tour of the what and why of the latest climate science, then we'll touch on what's possible to do about it from now onwards.

Part 2

Every Company is a Climate Company

There is no BAU in an increasingly extreme climate. We can do something about it - whether big or small, leader or employee. In this installment we explore the advantages, benefits and value of action for companies. 

Part 3

Build your Climate Roadmap

A climate company is actively involved in truly reducing and removing its emissions. This installment will show the how you begin to make meaningful progress on your journey to net zero & beyond, towards climate positive. 

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