Alternative Black Friday 2022 - Carbon Removal

It's that time of year again. Rolled around quickly!

We're excited to share with you that we're running our Black Friday campaign similar to last year. This year we're focused on tech, food, travel and clothes that account for about 50% of the emissions we need to reduce and remove.

What to expect

In 2021 we ran our first Black Friday promotion. It was to raise awareness on the difference between carbon removal and avoidance offsetting. That, and the hidden "embodied" carbon in our everyday stuff.

We reached more people than ever before - tens of thousands across all channels with new records for sign-ups to our free climate courses. It was a lot of fun and also had a message we were proud of.

We were also delighted that awesome humans from around the world bought some removal from us. It was the beginning of what became our Carbon Removal Portfolio.

Since then we've become ever more passionate about highlighting the planet heating gases embedded in our everyday things. In everything we buy, use or do. It's not our fault it's there, but it definitely is. And it's within all our power to do something about it.

That, and making carbon removal accessible to as many people as possible. Over the next years and decades we're going to need to build a new industry capable or locking away billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide for thousands of years.

So we're running a campaign for Black Friday again this year.

It's about the greenhouse gas emissions baked into our tech, travel, food and clothes.

We're also giving everyone the ability to remove emissions with high quality carbon removal, and explaining why that matters. Whether as an individual or as part of a company or organization.

Why carbon removal?

Combined with wide emissions reductions, carbon removal is an important tool in slowing and reversing climate change. The IPCC even said it was "essential" earlier this year.

We're going to need somewhere between 5 to 10 billion tonnes per year of removal capacity just for the "net" bit of net zero.

Over the next years and decades we're going to need to create a new industry capable of locking away billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide for thousands of years. We can do it but it's going to take a while for us to build.

To us, making carbon removal accessible to as many people as possible feels like a big part of making this happen.

You can help!

We'd love your support to get the message out when it launches during the week of November 21st.

If you're active on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook we'll be posting a mix of climate science and carbon removal content during the run up to Black Friday. We'll also have new ways to join our Carbon Removal Portfolio on our site too.

Keep a watch on our socials during next week. We'd love to beat the engagement and reach from 2021. With your help we 100% think we can!

If you'd prefer to support in other ways let us know.

Curious? Check out our Black Friday Carbon Removal. You can buy one-time chunk to remove the embedded emissions from everyday things like tech gadgets & electronics, travel, food and clothes.

We also have a monthly subscription option.

All you need to do is join the Portfolio, we do the rest (& show you everything that goes into it, why we think it's a good approach as well as all our thinking).

Don't offset...Remove! 

Have hope, make progress 💚

Team Zopeful

Learn more + join Black Friday Carbon Removal